Weekly Rate 

Rental includes delivery/pick up, set up, chemicals, user training, cover and steps 

360/wk *
Rental terms and conditions apply. * Rate subject to change based on availability, season and location of rental.  Methods of payment accepted include cash, cheque or credit card. Payment must be provided upfront at time of booking along with signed rental agreement to secure reservation. 

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Common Questions Asked About Renting a Hot Tub 
1.  How much does the tub weigh without water and with water?
     The hot tub weighs roughly 276 lbs without water and 1,900 lbs when filled with water. 
2.  How are the hot tubs cleaned? 
     A disinfectant solution is used on the tub after every use.  It is powerwashed and wiped down as well.  Soap is not used to    

     clean the tub as it creates a residue and film which can result in future unwelcome soapy bubbles. 
3.  How are the filters cleaned? 
     Filters are submerged in a dealer recommended solution and rinsed clean before and after every use.  The filters are replaced 

     after 6 months.
4.  How long does it take to heat the water?
     Currently, it takes 2 days to heat the water.  We are investigating a portable electric water heater which will allow us to heat the

     water in approx. 4 hours.
5.  What can I (the renter) do to ensure the water stays at optimal temperature?
      Make sure the cover stays on the hot tub when not in use.  On extremely cold days, if you are having trouble maintaining

     optimal heat the manufacturer suggests you turn off the jets periodically when in use so power can re-direct on heating the unit.
6.  How long does it take to set up the hot tub?
     Not long at all.  We use a custom spa sled that allows us to position the hot tub in most locations.  The hot tub takes approx. 30

     minutes to fill up and plugs into any standard power outlet.
7.  How long does it take to drain and remove the hot tub?
     We have a quick drain unit that drains the hot tub in 10 approx. minutes.
8.  What am I (the renter) responsible for?
     The renter is responsible for providing the water for the hot tub and maintaining the daily chemical allowance.  We provide all of

     the chemicals needed for the term of the rental.  The renter is also responsible for the overall wellbeing of the hot tub during the

     rental period.  All renters must be 19 years of age or older and sign a rental agreement prior to renting/delivery of the hot tub. 
9.  Why do I (the renter) have to complete a Hot Tub Rental Agreement?
     The Rental Agreement ensures both parties are aware of their responsibilities.  This includes the rental period, renter 

     responsibilities and safety instructions for the renter and his/her guests (if applicable).  
10.  What if I want to buy a Free Flow hot tub?
       If you really like the Free Flow hot tub after renting our unit, let us know and we can connect you with the supplier. 
11.  What is the hot tub made of and how durable is it?
       The hot tub consists of a polyethylene hard shell. 
12.  How do I use the control panels?
       The control panels on the hot tub are very easy to use.  We will provide a full demonstration at the time of set up.
13.  Are there any safety issues I should be aware of when using a hot tub?
       With any hot tub, there may be some issues, considerations and restrictions to think about before deciding to rent. We

       encourage you to do your own research and/or speak to your health care professional for more information.  Click the 

       following LINK BOX to review some important hot tub safety guidelines      
14.  Where will you deliver the hot tub?
       We provide delivery anywhere in the Niagara Region free of charge.  Anywhere outside this location, renters may incur a

       nominal delivery charge.
15.  What if I want the hot tub for the weekend or for 2 weeks?
       Currently, we offer weekly rentals.  If you would like to rent the hot tub for 2 weeks or more, please contact us for a great rate. 
16.  Does your company have insurance?
       Yes, we are covered by a 3rd party insurance provider.
17.  How is the hot tub heated and what size is the pump?
       The hot tub is heated by a 1 KW heater and a 1.5 BHP pump circulates the jets.
18.  How much does it cost to heat?
       There are many variables to consider, however we estimate this cost to the renter to be approx. $8 for the week.
19.  Do I leave the hot tub plugged in?
       Yes, the hot tub is to remain plugged in at all times.  This will keep the water heated and ready for use.
20.  Can I add bubbles?
        NO. Please do not add any other chemicals, liquids or products to the water other than the chemicals we provide. Using

       anything else will cause many problems with the water balance.  It could also negatively affect other parts of the hot tub and

       requires additional cleaning.  We also recommend that hot tub users shower before using the hot tub.  Soaps, perfumes and

       any other products can breakdown the water balance in the hot tub.
21.  How many people does the hot tub seat?
       Our hot tub seats 4 adults comfortably, but can hold 5 people depending on the users.  
22.  How loud is the hot tub?
       The hot tub is very quiet and relaxing. 
23.  What happens if something goes wrong?
       If anything goes wrong with the hot tub, please call us immediately.  Our contact information will be provided at the time of set

24.  Can I put the hot tub indoors?
       We do not recommend indoor use, but it is possible for the hot tub to be situated indoors.  Sharky’s Hot Tub Rentals is not

       responsible for any sort of damage caused during use or during set up and removal of the unit.  This also includes any damage

       that could arise when the hot tub is in use and/or during the rental period.  This would be included in the Rental Agreement. 

25.  Is there LED lighting?
       Yes, there is LED lighting in the hot tub.  The buttons are located on the control panel within easy reach when inside the hot

26.  Is there wireless music or speakers in/on the tub?
       No, there is no radio or speakers with this hot tub.  Other renters have used a portable music system/speaker (from a safe

       distance) to enjoy some music while using the tub.
27.  Is it easy to use?
       Very easy!  After we set up the hot tub for you, all you need to do is add a small amount of chemicals each day to maintain the

       water balance. 

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